Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Take a Vacation from Travel Aches and Pain

Are you planning a trip for spring break? Whether you are traveling by car, bus, train, or airplane, travel can be very hard on your body. Keeping your spine healthy during long periods of sitting can be difficult; however, there are some ways to take care of yourself and arrive at your final destination pain-free.

Move around – When you are seated in the same position for a long period of time, it can put a lot of strain on your spine. Be sure to take breaks from a seated position by standing up and stretching out. If you are traveling by car, plan stops along the way to take a short walk and let your legs stretch out.

Timing your trip – If you are taking some form of public transportation, try to plan your departure for a time of day or day of week when travel is lighter. If you are able choose a seat without a seatmate, this will allow you to stretch out while still sitting. You will also have more space to get to your belongings stowed under the seat in front of you.

Get support -  Bring a back roll or pillow to put behind your lower back to keep your spine properly aligned. This will also prevent sitting in a slouched position alleviating pain and pressure on your lower back.

Travel aches and painIce or heat – Bring gel ice packs that can be chilled or heated. This will help to ease sore or swollen muscles. If you are taking these through airport security, be sure to read the proper procedures for carrying them with you.

Get a massage – Once you have reached your final destination, find some time to pamper yourself with a massage. Not only will it help to ease stress from travel, it could make your return trip more comfortable.

Pack light – Whatever you put in your suitcase will need to be towed through the airport, train station, or bus terminal and then hoisted into an overhead bin. Pack less and give your back a break.

If you are suffering after a long trip, be sure to visit a trusted chiropractor to help alleviate any back pain or discomfort. At Arndt Chiropractic Center, our goal is to help you live pain free. Contact us today for an adjustment.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

What is Plantar Fasciitis and How Do I Treat It?

Does your day start off each morning with foot pain? You may have plantar fasciitis, an overuse injury that affects the sole of the foot. A diagnosis of plantar fasciitis means you have inflamed the tough, fibrous band of tissue (fascia) connecting your heel bone to the base of your toes. People with flat feet or very high arches are prone to this condition, which may become chronic if left untreated. If it becomes a serious issue, you may not be able to keep up with your current level of activity, or you may even develop foot, knee, hip, and back problems because plantar fasciitis can change your posture and the way you walk. Most people can recover from plantar fasciitis with just rest and extra arch support (like shoe inserts), but that isn’t the case for everybody. Here are some common treatment options for plantar fasciitis:

Stretching is one of the best methods for treating plantar fasciitis. Here is a simple yet effective home stretching program geared specifically towards plantar fasciitis from the American Orthopaedic Foot & Ankle Society:
  1. Cross your affected leg over your other leg.
  2. Using the hand on your affected side, take hold of your affected foot and pull your toes back towards shin. This creates tension/stretch in the arch of the foot/plantar fascia.
  3. Check for the appropriate stretch position by gently rubbing the thumb of your unaffected side left to right over the arch of the affected foot. The plantar fascia should feel firm, like a guitar string.
  4. Hold the stretch for a count of 10. A set is 10 repetitions.

While there are no prescription drugs specifically for plantar fasciitis, your doctor may recommend an anti-inflammatory medication such as ibuprofen or naproxen. These medications can help decrease the inflammation in the arch and heel of your foot, and are available over-the-counter.

Arch Support
You may first want to try over-the-counter shoe inserts that provide added arch support and a soft cushion. If those fail to alleviate your symptoms, you may require custom inserts for the individual needs of your foot.

If the above methods fail to alleviate your foot pain, consider a chiropractor! Chiropractic care may help your condition by addressing some of the contributing causes. An experienced chiropractor can help adjust your alignment and posture, and since poor posture does contribute to plantar fasciitis, this could help alleviate your symptoms. If you are ready to try chiropractic care to see if it can help with your foot pain, call Arndt Chiropractic Center today at 563-332-2211 or visit our website for more information.

Plantar Fasciitis

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Stay on the Field, not the Bench; How Chiropractic Care Can Allow for More Injury-free Seasons

In the world of athletics, we constantly push our bodies to the limit to run just a little bit faster, throw just a little bit further, or fight just a little bit harder. We love sports. We love playing them, watching them, and talking about them and because of this, our kids soon follow. Student athletics are a wonderful part of adolescence, for kids and parents alike. Sure, the home-made posters, cheers and face paint might embarrass them but when they grow up and look back on their sporting career they will have the fondest of memories. Make sure your kids stay healthy for every sport, every season from pre-k to college graduation. Here’s why chiropractic care is important for student athletes.
Chiropractic CareAbout 20% of all ER visit for kids between 6-19 are caused by an accident during a sports game or practice. These season-ending issues can often be detected in a simple sports physical required by most schools. However, chronic joint or back pain can be missed by your family doctor. Chiropractic care is a much more comprehensive process that helps reduce or remove the stress placed on certain parts of the body.

Chiropractic care can’t prevent accidents like broken bones, but it can strengthen the body. Increased flexibility goes a long way, especially when preventing injuries like pulled muscles and cramps. The easier you move, the harder you can push to improve!

Frequent pain can be caused by an improper alignment of the spine. With simple adjustments, pain, tension and pressure can reduce or eliminate this pain. Chiropractic care has also been proven to help injuries heal faster, meaning a mid-season return to the track, field, or diamond.

Many parents worry, is chiropractic care safe for my six-year-old? My 17-year-old? Yes and yes. Chiropractic care is safe and, in fact, beneficial for small infants to elderly.

Arndt Chiropractic Center cares for patients of all ages. We offer corrective exercises, chiropractic care, massage therapy, custom orthotics, laser therapy, nutritional counseling, and more. To find out more about Arndt Chiropractic Center, visit our website or give us a call at (563) 332-2211.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Most Common Winter Weather Accidents

Winter is in full swing here in Iowa. With the beauty of the season come a greater risk of winter weather related accidents. From accidents because of severe conditions to overindulgence or carelessness, winter requires caution and proactive measures.
Slip-and-Fall Injuries
Slip-and-Fall InjuriesSlipping on icy or snowy surfaces sends millions of people to the emergency room each year.  While it is best to avoid these hazardous conditions, here in the Midwest, that is often easier said than done.

Here are 4 tips to keep safe.

1.   Tread carefully –Take short and deliberate steps and move slower in icy or snowy conditions.
2.   Proper footwear – Choose your shoes or boots carefully, opting for a sturdy slip-resistant rubber treads to maintain good traction.
3.   Maintain balance – Keep arms free when walking to maintain your balance on unsteady surfaces.
4.   Exit vehicles carefully – When moving from your car to the pavement, make sure you have solid footing.

Back injuries because of shoveling are particularly common in the winter months. Weak core and back muscles, combined with improper technique are the perfect recipe for a strained back.
1.      Take it slow – Shoveling is not a competition. Pace yourself and be sure to give yourself plenty of breaks.
2.      Push instead of lifting – If at all possible, opt for pushing instead of lifting, twisting or throwing snow over your shoulder.
3.      Use an ergonomic shovel – These specially designed shovels are intended to help reduce the strain on your upper body while clearing snow.
4.      Lighten the load – If you have to lift the snow, don’t overdo it. Smaller loads will reduce the strain on your back and muscles.
Winter Sports
Falling or colliding during winter outdoor activities can create serious injuries. Head, neck and back injuries are common when proper care is not taken.
1.      Warm-up – Cold muscles are prone to pulls and strains. A quick warm up can do wonders to prevent injuries.
2.      Know your surroundings – Scan the area for any potential hazards including rocks, rough or uneven surfaces, trees and branches or sudden drop offs. Determine the best path to avoid these areas.
3.      Wear protective gear – Always wear appropriate protective gear when enjoying winter activities.
If you have been injured because of one of these wintertime activities, contact the team at Arndt Chiropractic Center to determine the best care plan for your care and recovery.

Monday, November 14, 2016

How Chiropractic Care Can Help Different Age Groups

Preventative care in the United States is cheaper and easier for the patient. Yes, many patients skip their annual check-up and only roll into the doctor’s office when they have a serious problem. This is called reactive treatment or reactive medicine. In chiropractic care, many patients only make an appointment when they start experiencing severe pain that is too much to handle. With regular adjustments, you might never experience this sort of pain. Here are a few ways that chiropractic care at Arndt Chiropractic Center can help people of all ages.

Chiropractic CareNewborns - Chiropractic care for newborns is very soft and controlled. Rather than an adjustment, the treatment is more like a soft massage for the baby. Birth is painful for moms, but it can also leave 90% of newborns misaligned. This misalignment displays in the form of colic or failure or difficulty breastfeeding. By getting chiropractic care, these symptoms can be reduced or eliminated.

Kids - Did you know chiropractic care has been shown to prevent ear infections? If a couple adjustments a year prevents your kids from the excruciating pain involved with these infections, isn’t it all worth it? Other benefits include fewer sick days from school, better sleeping, improved mood, and less or elimination of bed-wetting. Many kids experience growing pains; chiropractic care can help reduce these pains and enhance a child’s flexibility.

Teenagers - The teen years are often when kids are growing quickly. This is when poor posture and back problems begin. Why not stop the slouch before it becomes a habit? Many teens are involved in sports or other extracurricular activities. By getting chiropractic adjustments, teens are less likely to become injured. If any injury does occur, chiropractic care will promote a quicker and healthier healing process.

Adults - Any untreated posture habits become more serious in adulthood. Adults spend long periods of time relatively inactive sitting at desks. Chiropractic care can treat insomnia, reduce headaches, prevent pain, stress, and depression. Make sure to get care during the adult years to ensure a healthier and happier body during the senior years.

Seniors - Regular adjustments on senior citizens can help prevent injuries and restore lost balance and coordination skills.

Arndt Chiropractic Center promises zero preventable harm, the highest quality of care, and complete transparency for patients. We treat patients of all shapes, sizes, ages, and conditions every day. Don’t wait until you need a chiropractor, come in and get adjusted before the pain starts! For more information, visit our website or stop by our office at 3359 Middle Road, Suite 1 in Bettendorf, Iowa!

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Celebrate National Chiropractic Care Month with 5 Benefits

October is National Chiropractic Care Month. It is time in which the team here at Arndt Chiropractic Center considers why we are so fortunate to provide our patients with this type of whole body holistic medical treatment. We passionately believe in the benefits the chiropractic approach to medical care offers. With that in mind, here are five ways that chiropractic care can help you live a healthier life:

  1. Stress Relief – When your muscular and skeletal systems are not in the proper position, it can cause both mental and physical stress on your entire system.  Chiropractic adjustments send a signal to the nervous system that the body is relaxed and properly aligned, giving you the ability to handle stressful situations more effectively.
  2. National Chiropractic Care MonthImprove posture – Hunching over a screen all day, driving your car or just sitting at a desk can cause your posture to become compromised. Regular chiropractic adjustments can help align your spine and adjust tilting and curvatures. This can improve your posture which is beneficial not only for your overall stature, but also provides a positive impact on the neck, shoulders and spine.
  3. Mood adjustments – Just as chiropractic adjustments help you tolerate stress more effectively, they can also help to elevate your mood. When your body is in proper alignment it is more balanced. This balance might help with chemical issues that cause depression, anxiety and even attention deficit disorder.
  4. Improve your health – Chiropractic adjustments help remove subluxations that prevent the nervous system from functioning properly. This can interrupt the signals your body sends to the immune system to keep it functioning efficiently.  When your body is in balance, you can recover from illnesses more effectively.
  5. Improve sleep patterns – Sleep related issues are a common complaint among adults and children alike. Many of these problems are related to pain, stress and body aches. Regular chiropractic care can help to alleviate and even eliminate these issues. Better sleep also makes you better able to handle stress and illnesses.

At Arndt Chiropractic Center, we offer patients a full range of holistic health services that treat the complete patient, including: 
  • Chiropractic care
  • Corrective exercises
  • Lifestyle advice
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Massage therapy
  • Radiology services
  • Custom foot orthotics
  • Physiotherapy
  • Laser therapy

Come celebrate National Chiropractic Month with us and experience the healthful benefits of chiropractic medicine.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Avoiding Injuries this Fall

The arrival of fall means cooler temperatures, blustering winds, and falling leaves.  As the season changes, so do our activities. Now that autumn has arrived, the chores outside of the house are starting to multiply. While outdoor activities offer great exercise, they can also take a strain on the muscles and joints in your body. In order to protect yourself from injury, follow these tips while handling autumn chores:

Avoiding InjuriesRaking Leaves – If you don’t own a leaf blower, you will likely be outside raking leaves within the next couple of weeks.  Before you start any activity, make sure you know the proper techniques in order to avoid injury. Start by stretching your back, arms, legs, and neck to prevent straining. While raking, keep your legs apart with a slight bend for good support and always lift using your legs. Hold the rake with one hand on the top of the handle and the other with the elbow slightly bent. Overall, avoid any activity that you think might cause tension to your body.

It might help to divide your yard into sections and tackle raking over several days.   Also remember that wet leaves are heavier than dry ones. You will save time and energy by raking dry leaves on a calm day rather than a windy day when leaves are blowing around.

Ladder Injuries – Between gutter cleaning and stringing up holiday lights, there are numerous reasons to step up on a ladder this season. Ladders pose a serious threat if they are not used correctly. To ensure safety, inspect the ladder before using it, always face the ladder, be careful when climbing, do not stand on the bucket shelf, choose the right ladder for your activity and place it in a sturdy spot. In addition, always have someone spotting your ladder with his or her full attention.

If you do suffer from injury or pain, contact the professionals at Arndt Chiropractic Center. We will examine your muscles and joints to help determine the problem and find a solution. For more information, contact Arndt Chiropractic Center at 563-332-2211.