Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Avoiding Injuries this Fall

The arrival of fall means cooler temperatures, blustering winds, and falling leaves.  As the season changes, so do our activities. Now that autumn has arrived, the chores outside of the house are starting to multiply. While outdoor activities offer great exercise, they can also take a strain on the muscles and joints in your body. In order to protect yourself from injury, follow these tips while handling autumn chores:

Avoiding InjuriesRaking Leaves – If you don’t own a leaf blower, you will likely be outside raking leaves within the next couple of weeks.  Before you start any activity, make sure you know the proper techniques in order to avoid injury. Start by stretching your back, arms, legs, and neck to prevent straining. While raking, keep your legs apart with a slight bend for good support and always lift using your legs. Hold the rake with one hand on the top of the handle and the other with the elbow slightly bent. Overall, avoid any activity that you think might cause tension to your body.

It might help to divide your yard into sections and tackle raking over several days.   Also remember that wet leaves are heavier than dry ones. You will save time and energy by raking dry leaves on a calm day rather than a windy day when leaves are blowing around.

Ladder Injuries – Between gutter cleaning and stringing up holiday lights, there are numerous reasons to step up on a ladder this season. Ladders pose a serious threat if they are not used correctly. To ensure safety, inspect the ladder before using it, always face the ladder, be careful when climbing, do not stand on the bucket shelf, choose the right ladder for your activity and place it in a sturdy spot. In addition, always have someone spotting your ladder with his or her full attention.

If you do suffer from injury or pain, contact the professionals at Arndt Chiropractic Center. We will examine your muscles and joints to help determine the problem and find a solution. For more information, contact Arndt Chiropractic Center at 563-332-2211.

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